Tuesday, October 30, 2012

From Tubes to Masks

Mr Boy got the breathing tube out today which means he also got to wake up. It wasn't as exciting as we expected because he was still fuzzy from the 2 weeks of narcotics, and absolutely terrified to find himself in the hospital. I suppose it was like waking up to find you'd been in a train wreck. He has no voice right now because of the a sore throat from the tube which should clear up soon, and the poor boy will probably be going through withdrawal from all the pain meds for weeks. They give him good meds for this as well, but he will still be grumpy from the withdrawal, on top of the obvious things that would make you grumpy like having your insides remodeled. :(

                                          They find things for us to do while we are here...

As it got closer to taking Mr Boy's breathing tube out of his throat today, he had to be weaned off the sedatives which led to the arm restraints. We didn't want him to pull out the tube before it was time!

Dave is modeling one type of breathing aid, the Bi-PAP. When Mr Boy first got the breathing tube out of his throat, they put this nose ventilator on him. However, he would have none of it, so after almost 2 hours of thrashing about and crying, we switched to the mask below, which was more comfortable. 

We call it the "Avatar mask"

I got to hold him! 
I am not sure if Mr Boy knew I was holding him as he is still pretty out of sorts and fuzzy. 
This was our happiest moment of the day, aside from a tiny smile we got while they took his mask off for just a moment. 


  1. Praising God for answered prayer but grieving about the pain and recovery process...little Asher has blessed so many lives and already has a testimony

  2. This is all so incredible to me! God is such an awesome God. We continue to pray for his recovery as we know even when there are good things happening, there is still a long road ahead. May God continue to give you peace and those sweet moments of happiness!!!

  3. What a blessing! Love these pics!

  4. Yay progress! He looks like a little fighter pilot!