Friday, October 19, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

Mr Boy will stay fully sedated another several days if not a week for pain management. He has really started getting rid of the excess swelling and fluids, so that has helped many things. He has had a temperature on and off since last night, so now they are a bit worried about infection, but are giving him strong antibiotics for this so hopefully it won't spread or get worse. The Drs mentioned they will probably keep him in the Pediatric ICU several more weeks and even when Mr Boy wakes up and is playful, simply because there are still so many things to monitor and if something were to go wrong, it could get horrible fast. But nothing will go wrong, so we don't need to worry about that! :)

Mr Boy's Urologist/Surgeon, Dr Demarco, says we just have to, "hurry up and wait," at this point. Every day that passes without incident is another huge victory. The Urologist also humbly mentioned that the surgery part (all 19 hours of it) was possible 30 years ago but the kids would have had horrible complications afterwards, and it is only the wonderful ICU and aftercare technologies we have available today,which really keep him alive in this day and age. He says all Mr Boy's success is due to the nurses and the great after-care teams we have here and he is impressed with this hospital's care, more than any he has been a part of thus far, which is so encouraging when you want the best for your kiddo. This is why I love Dr Demarco; he is so humble yet obviously so talented and amazing. I told him we would still give him a little of the credit. :) Praising the Lord for incredible Doctors and nurses!

Mr Boy got new eye ware which is made from gel, to protect his eyes since they would not fully shut. Spa Day!


  1. It was so good to read your post, Kassy - we have been thinking so much about Asher, and were anxious to get an update. We will continue to pray for Asher's recovery to good health - can't wait!
    Love you all so much!

  2. He looks so peaceful...I just have to believe that he's having dreams about heaven and angels while he's a sleeping beauty! =)

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    1. THANK YOU helps to have updates so I know how to be praying...he is a "sleeping beauty"