Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Up and down.

Well, Tuesday has come and gone and while we were excited to get to this milestone (of not having to worry about his own muscles re-opening his abdomen), we have a new, very real fear of infection which could more easily eat away at everything that is holding his abdomen together and allow the organs to protrude back out. The surgeon said if this were to happen it would not be subtle, but kind of all at once and there is nothing they can do but pump him full of antibiotics and hope and pray that he does not get a deep infection. We hear, "he is not out of the woods yet," quite often and know we have another week or so till that threat subsides.

Mr Boy is also still too swollen to breath on his own because of the excess pressure on his lungs due to the excess fluid and having his bladder on the inside of his body for the first time, so he is still sedated and on the breathing ventilator. We really need him to urinate more. Lately we have been obsessed with tacking his urine output, making sure the catheters are still working and not clogged, and that he is peeing off enough fluids, so Dave and I just stare at his catheters all day long and hope for lots and lots of pee.

Every day, is another huge step toward full healing, and overall, Mr Boy is doing ok. We haven't had any huge emergencies, but each day is like a roller coaster of heightened emotions as we dart around potential emergencies and frightening close-calls.

We are wanting to get to a place where we no longer have to worry about something horrible happening and can just focus on Mr Boy. Thank you for your continued prayers and messages of encouragement, we can not express how much we appreciate them!

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