Friday, November 2, 2012

balloon therapy

The past few days since Mr Boy's breathing tube came out and he was able to wake up, have been rough. He has been shaky, irritable, uncomfortable, wanting to be picked up but can't be, and has many fits where he tries to get his breathing mask off, fighting anyone in his way. Yesterday wasn't any improvement until Daddy got off work and came for the evening. As soon as Dave got here, he got Mr Boy to smile and play with a balloon! I couldn't get a smile from him all day, and he was too weak to even hold his lil Thomas the Train, even though he tried. But all Dave had to say was, "touch my beard," and Mr Boy's hand went up to feel daddy scratchy chin and joy spread across his face. It was one of the first glimpses we have really seen of Mr Boy being "himself." Here is a video of Mr Boy playing with a balloon right after Dave got here yesterday.


The nurse told me last night he woke up and pointed to a helium balloon in his room, which she then tied to his metal fixator (the rods holding his pelvic bones together). He batted at the balloon for 20 min before crashing again. I woke this morning to find him trying to make animal noises while his face was getting a rest from the breathing mask. He couldn't quite get them fully out, but he smiled while trying.



  1. I am repeatedly amazed by the strength and fight in little Asher, and in you and Dave. I know that strength comes from God, but I admire you both so much for your perseverance through these trials. You are truly an inspiration!
    Much love and prayer,
    Alli (and Caleb!) G.

  2. Awesome and inspired...balloons and each day brings continued healing may your blessings increase...the knowledge of His presence sustain...and your joy be made full. The verse you posted will be my prayer for you today as well.

  3. Reading this I realized that this part of his recovery may be the most difficult for you and Dave. How difficult not being able to pick him up or take the pain away! My heart and prayers go out for you!