Saturday, October 27, 2012

Drama Queen

I know in a few months we will look back on this time and think it went by fast and was no big deal. I will read back over these posts and think, "What a drama queen." Honestly it's only been what... 13 days so far? But right now, when I am staring at Mr Boy 24 hours a day in this intense condition, each hour can seem like a year and each "little situation" feel like an explosion. The "highs" and "lows" feel like mountain tops and ocean bottoms. If you ask me today how Mr Boy is doing, I would tell you, "Great! He peed a ton and looks much more like himself. They may even wake him up and take him off the ventilator in a few days." And you would never know that a few days ago, his heart stopped for 9 seconds and part of his lung collapsed. Who would have known that these things are not really that big of a deal? A big deal to his momma in the moment... but really not a big deal in the scheme of things.

Worst case scenario at this point is that Mr Boy will not have the strength to breath on his own due to the extra organs he now has, which are pushing up against his diaphragm and they would have to send him home with a trach tube in his throat for a few months. But, it is too early to tell and Mr Boy has been improving a lot. Last week we were dreading to see him wake up and watch him feel pain, but now we just miss him and want him to wake. Hopefully by now he is through the worst part of the pain anyway. He needs to wake up so he can cuddle with all his new stuffed animals!


  1. Every post is so helpful Kassie...helps us know how to pray. Blessings...and absolutely no one would ever call you a "drama queen." Quite the opposite...we are in awe of how you are handling these challenges!

  2. You amaze us Kassy. We continue to lift you all up in prayer. I agree with Susan we are in awe, you reflect God and show us all how to hold on to him during all of life's storms, no drama queen about it. As a mommy I can't imagine seeing my baby go through all of this, and wanting to hold him so, my heart aches for you as you wait and watch. I thank God that he is holding on to you and David and Asher and bringing HEALING. Praise God for Pee! We've been praying for that. =)