Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cramming in as much fun as possible.

The surgery looms before us, but we aren't letting that get in the way of fun! Last weekend we visited an apple orchard festival. This week Mr Boy is on lock-down so he does not get sick. We do not want the surgery postponed possibly months just for a silly cold. But that is also not stopping the fun!

Riding a train at the Apple Orchard

Mr Boy was given many stuffed animals when he was born, but I have decorated with them on the shelves around his room and he basically didn't know they were there. Well a few days ago Mr Boy noticed them for the first time and pointed to each one, wanting them down. He giggled and hugged each one and then proceeded to try and cuddle them all at once. 

He laid down on his back and piled them on all by himself. 

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  1. Oh my goodness! I just LOVE that video of Asher! He is adorable! It is AMAZING to see him walk so well! I am so happy for him! I will be praying for you all, especially this weekend and Monday.