Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Blessing of Preschool

Aside from our move to Colorado, Preschool has been the biggest blessing in Mr Boy's life. Very quickly, Preshcool succeeded in "curing" him of many of his fears outside of the home. But little by little, the results slipped into our home as well. Woo Hoo! Felt like a rainbow of hope and joy, which we could see outside our window... suddenly burst into our living room and illuminate our lives. :) Seriously. Mr Boy went from being nervous and vomiting when other kids approached, to being completely at ease in their presence. He used to have panic attacks on the way to toddler music class or play groups where he knew I would not even leave his side. Thus prescool looked like an insurmountable mountain between Mr Boy and a successful elementary school career. Thankfully Mr Boy qualified for therapies in school, based almost soley on his PTSD symptoms and thus had very helpful therapists by his side to help him climb to the summit of this preschool mountain.

Ahem, Ahem... we have also heard he's kind of a ladies man. Holding hands with one girl one week and another girl the next. Slow down boy!

Mr Boy has a newfound confidence and independence. I never thought I'd be able to say "Mr Boy" and "independent" in the same sentence. Before preschool I couldn't even go into another room in our home, without my sweet lil boy screaming, "Mommy! Where are you?!?!" And running to be by my side so he was not alone.

We are rejoicing and praising the Lord for moments like these. It took months and months, but he finally joined in with the daily end-of-day dancing. Until recently, he would cry on the way to school because he was afraid the kids would dance and he would not like all the motion. But here he is dancing!

We are so proud of this little man, and so blessed to have Mr Boy in this Preschool with the therapies he has.  As this school year comes to an end this week, we are already looking forward to Mr Boy's second year of preschool and excited for all the Lord has is store for his life.

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Club Foot Journey

Mr Boy's club foot was repaired at birth, but it recurred slightly by the time we moved, so last October we embarked on another season of "fixes." We've been told to anticipate the possiblity of more of these seasons in the future, but we are resting in the hope that will not be the case. 

Mr Boy had 3 casts over 6 weeks, each one turning his foot a little more outward.

After the casts, on December 16, 2014, Mr Boy had surgery to perform a tendon transfer, (drilling a hole through his foot bone and pulling one of his tendons through it to the other side so his foot will pull the other direction) and an achilles tendon lengthening to give him more range. 

Prepped and ready for surgery
2 more casts after the surgery to facilitate recovery
8 weeks later, Mr Boy got his permenant orthodic which he will wear for the forseeable future to prevent his foot from turning back inward:

Superman design
 Mr Boy started Physical Therapy shortly after his foot healed from surgery. 

Balance beam
Climbing the ladder to get toy cars hidden in the  curtain

We put a bouncy house in the basement, which has been very helpful in strengthening Mr Boy's muscles and balance.
It was purchsed strictly for theraputic reasons of course. :) 
Practicing his therapy exercises at home

Here, Mr Boy is practicing his therapy exercises (using a 2x4 as a balance beam and a cutting board on top of a pillow as a balance board, on which he throws toys into the center of the boppy pillow)

Finally conquered the chain ladder! 
Newfound bravery and confidence
Mr Boy on the balance beam at Gymnastics
Mr Boy also started Gymnastics, which he loves and will play soccer this summer!

All this therapy has been doing wonders for Mr Boy's confidence, physical strength and balance. It's been exciting to see him take charge of his own therapy and see his pride in his own accomplishments.