Thursday, January 27, 2011


The past few days have been some of the hardest since Mr. Boy has been born. It's so hard to watch him on the breathing tube and in so much discomfort. They are still weaning him off the sedatives and think maybe tomorrow they will take him off the breathing tube, but it's hard for him to breathe because his abdomen is completely stuffed full with organs which weren't located there before, and all the swelling is pushing up on his diaphragm. Plus it probably hurts to breath. The breathing tube is good because the machine can breathe for him, but then fluid builds up in his lungs that he'd normally cough out, but can not, so they have to suction out his lungs and tummy quite often which he does not enjoy either. He also gained a pound during the surgery just from all the fluids they pumped into him, so he's quite a puffy, swollen little man. Hopefully we'll be able to hold him again in a week or so, but they don't want any pressure on his abdomen for fear the stitches will rip open since they are sewn in very weak tissue. Everything should be fine, but we can't be too careful.

Yesterday while they were changing his head positioning, the breathing tube became obstructed and had to be pulled out of his throat.  The nurses hit the panic button and in 2 seconds the room was filled with nurses and Drs pumping air into his lungs and trying to shove a new tube down his throat. It was all so traumatizing and I while I knew Mr. Boy asn't going to die, it was terrible thinking how much pain he must be in. Its hard when all you can do it sit there and hold his hand. Please pray that he heals quickly and with as little pain as possible. We just want to get through this week!

holding mommy's hand

Eyes finally pop open

Swollen little boy!


  1. oh he is a dear little puff ball! still cute though. thinking/praying about Asher constantly!

  2. What a scary week for you three. Sending prayers up for healing, and for a smooth recovery for Asher.

  3. You can count on my continued prayers for healing, comfort and encouragement.
    Mike B.