Saturday, January 15, 2011


Why is it so hard to receive things from others?  Kassy and I have realized that one of the toughest things for us during this time, is to receive gifts from others.  We have been so taken care of, so loved, so blessed and so encouraged by all the love, support and gifts from others.  We feel so undeserving and have been so humbled by the graciousness of many.

A friend of mine from highschool who found our blog through facebook contacted me a few days before Christmas asking if we could be their "Adopted Christmas Family."  They wanted to send us gifts that we needed/wanted to bless us this Christmas. At first I wanted to say no...there are so many more deserving families than us. But as Kassy and I spent time praying about it, we realized, our pride was getting in the way of what the Lord was trying to show us.  We are his Children and He loves to lavish good gifts on all of his children.  So the gifts kept rolling in from them: many items off our registry, plus a fancy dinner gift card, and a couple's massage! This morning we got to partake in the extrememly thoughtful couple's massage and it was more of a blessing than we even expected! There was stress we didnt even know about till they massaged it away! :) We have been overwhelmed by their generosity and felt the Lord's love and provision through them in a real way.

Here is another exapmle of a gift that was difficult for us to recived, yet it was one of the most self-less gifts we've been given. We hope to show it to Mr. Boy one day and empower him to be like these:

These are only two examples of the amazing things people have done for us: the prayers, the gift cards, the meals, the texts and emails of concern, have all touched us deeply and we thank you all for generous, thoughtfulness. We feel so blessed. 

PS: Kassy still has a bit of a cold but has been back visiting Mr. Boy since Thursday night and wearing a mask. 

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  1. Dave and Kassy,
    May God's love continue to bless you through the gifts from others. I remember the struggle of "being on the receiving end"--Pastor Allen reminded me many times--Others are blessed when they bless you! Continuing to pray for all of you!