Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Goodbye Isolette!
~Mr. Boy's NG tube (tube going from the nose to his stomach for feedings) fell out again but they did not put it back because he can take all his milk through the mouth!
~Moved to a crib from the Isolette. Our baby boy is growing up so fast!

~Umbilical cord finally fell off! whew!

~He can now have music playing in the room, so we bought a Lullaby Hymns CD and a Lullaby Piano Classics CD so we can get him off on the right foot.
Turning the wrong way

~Therapists come once a day to stretch out his neck because he only likes to turn his head to the right so he's forming a nice lil flat spot on that side of his head. This is called Torticollis, where the muscles on one side of the head are weaker. (He likes the right because thats where his stitches are, from when they cut into his neck to insert the Broviac IV under the skin.) They taught us how to stretch it as well, and how to hold him in order to work out that neck!

Stretching the head

~Mr. Boy's poor bottom is almost bleeding due to sever diaper rash, but the nurses are working hard to remedy the problem. Surgeries will eventually correct some of the problems causing this, but right now it makes for a sad bottom.

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  1. Dear Dave & Kassy,

    It is such a joy to read about the progress that Asher is showing--just new miracles day after day! He is amazing and is so fortunate to have two such loving and caring parents.

    I'm aware of how difficult this is for both of you and how overwhelming and tiring Asher's challenges must be. And yet, God seems to continue his healing and provide you with the glimpses of hope that must be encouraging in this long journey.

    You have not been forgotten and many are praying for you daily. I am definitely one of those friends. May you feel God's love, comfort and support each day.

    Prayers and blessings~
    Mike Bonenberger