Monday, January 24, 2011

First Surgery Update

Mr. Boy underwent his first surgery today.  He could not eat for 13 hours before the surgery, so Kassy stayed the night with him to try and console him.  But the Lord was helping because Mr. Boy was calm all night and morning which is not normal when he doesn't get to eat!  The surgery took just under 5 hours and Mr. Boy seems to be doing very well.  He has a machine breathing for him and he is pretty sedated to control his pain levels.  They plan to control his breathing for a couple more days as he recovers from all the strain on his little body.  Mr. Boy is a fighter and is doing really well.  He has incredible Surgeons, doctors, and nurses that are taking such good care of him.  Thank you all for praying, it is greatly felt here and greatly appreciated.  The peace of God surrounds us.
taking advantage of his sedation to clip his nails

back in the isolette while on the respirator


  1. Sa-weet, the surgery went smoothly. You guys are so cool.

  2. So glad Asher's first surgery went well! Thanks for the updates on the blog :)

  3. Hi Dave & Kassy,

    So glad to hear how well surgery went. I'm sure that those were 5 of the longest hours you have ever experienced. Many people were praying for you and for Asher. Be sure to take good care of yourselves--good sleep and nutrition. Asher needs you to stay healthy so you can be there for him. Thanks for keeping us current on your's and Asher's needs.

    Mike B.

  4. David & Kassy,

    So glad the surgery went well. I have been following Asher's progress and pray for his healing. You are amazing parents!

    Beverly Bredemeyer (L.I., NY cousin)