Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Business of Breathing

Mr. Boy finally got off the breathing tube yesterday but he had such labored breathing, they put him on another breathing device called the C-PAP (see below) to give him a break overnight. This morning he then went to a less intense breathing aid which was fun because we finally got to hold him again! It's been 8 days since we were able to hold him, so that was marvelous. He still has trouble breathing because he has a small case of pneumonia, and so he's breathing up lots of fluid and mucus, he's pretty squeaky and crackly. He still seems to be pretty uncomfortable and restless, but hopefully in a few days we'll say goodbye to his furrowed brown, pouty face, swollen body and crackly voice, and say hello to a more comfortable little boy:)


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  1. It's amazing what humans can endure... especially little ones. I love you guys.