Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Originally we heard that Mr. Boy was going to potentially have a feeding tube for years, but once he was born and they realized all his organs were connected, they said once he was 34 weeks old we could try breastfeeding. Well, 34 weeks came and so Friday, I asked when we could try and they said it wouldn't be till Mr. Boy had his first surgeries. Then I went in to see him this morning, and they decided he could try breast feeding today! About 2 minutes later Mr. Boy was latched on and doing well...I thought I'd better hurry with it before they changed their minds, heehee. We will be able to breast feed twice a day for a while and work our way up. YAY! It really helps with the whole bonding process between myself and Mr. Boy since that has been rather hard.

The developmental Specialist came by today and mentioned Mr. Boy must be gifted because he is acting like a 37 week old babe while he's only a 35 weeker. He is awake quite a bit, bottling well and looks like he wants to be entertained already while most preemies are sleeping...he's way ahead of the game. :)

The first few weeks of Mr. Boy's life I was constantly afraid I'd run out of milk. I didnt have much of a supply and he was eating about the same amount I was pumping every 3 hours. I kept praying that the Lord would help me provide because pumping milk for him was just about the only thing I can do for him as a mother while he's in the NICU. Well now I think there is no question...I will not run out of milk!  I pump about one of those bottles while Mr. Boy eats about 1/4 of those bottles every 3 hours. YAY.
Thank you mom and dad for our deep freezer!


  1. Hi guys,

    We came across your blog as our daughter Lily was born with cloacal exstrophy at 36 weeks on December 15, 2010. We were told that she had gastroschisis, so the diagnosis of cloacal exstrophy was quite a surprise once she was born. It's amazing the strength these little ones have, and how much they have endured already. We admire your faith in God throughout this process. Sounds like things are going great with your son and we will keep him and his progress in our thoughts and prayers. Lily is also doing well and has had many prayers answered already. Maybe we can keep in touch for mutual support. We are in Dallas, TX. Our email is

    Best wishes and many blessings,
    Slava & Leslie Andrus

  2. Wonderful news guys and boy is he precious!