Monday, December 6, 2010

Peace on the Roller Coaster

Saturday afternoon they put the IV back in Mr. Boy in order to give him supplemental nutrition because they think he may have a short intestines and thus not absorb all the nutrition he needs. They also used the IV to give him some more powerful antibiotics. Yesterday Morning before church we called the hospital to check in on Mr. Boy and his lab results, his weight was up and his temperature was down. They no longer thought he had an infection, but decided to treat him like he had one with antibiotics just in case. That of course excited us. Then while we were in church, David received a call from the nurse asking if they could give Mr. Boy a blood transfusion. Apparently they are very common with premie babies simply because the nurses are taking blood from them often and when babies are that little, they do not usually produce more red blood cells very well (since they should be still getting them from their mom through the umbilical cord). It wasn't a big deal according to the nurses, but "blood transfusion" sounds so intense and thus scared us a little. Then this morning we got a call from the Dr. asking if they could take Mr. Boy into surgery in 20 minutes to put a more intense IV in under the skin which would come out on his chest and be able to stay for months. We were confused and scared and felt so bad for our little son.  The operation went fine and now he has a more secure IV.

It was so nice when everything was going well with Mr. Boy s health and then this weekend we had our first series of scares and were flooded with all sorts of fears. We talked about how this is going to be a looooong year or so if we let our emotions run all over the place with every up and down on this NICU roller coaster. Mr. Boy is going to have good days and bad days but our hope has to be in Jesus, not the doctors or the nurses or else we will be emotionally drained every day. We gave Mr. Boy to the Lord and laid him on the altar before Him, so he is in His loving hands. We do not have to worry during the bad days because Mr. Boy has a loving Father in heaven watching over Him and doing what's best for him and ultimately for God's kingdom and glory. God has a plan with all this so we needn't worry.


  1. So much to deal with and think about! You are wise to know that Asher's needs are beyond your control. Just putting him in God's hands will help to relieve your stress since you know that God is loving and all knowing. He will do whatever is best for Asher. Rest in that assurance and belief. I am continuing to pray for the strength you need to deal with each day and for God's will in caring for Asher.

    Mike Bonenberger

  2. I am so proud of both of you and how you are dealing with all of this. I can't tell you how much your journey in hope increases my hope. You are such an encouragement. You are so right when you say you can not let your emotions drag you around but boy is it hard sometimes. I just read toinght to Mariah IJohn 4:18 from The Message "There is no room in love for fear. Well-formed love banishes fear. Since fear is crippling, a fearful life (fear of death, fear of judgment) is one not yet fully formed in love."
    Giving Asher to the Lord and trusting him to take your fear proves the maturity of your love. How lucky Asher is to have you as his parents. Love Dawn

  3. I will keep you all in my prayers. I am a friend of Holly's and just reading your blog now for the first time. All my love to Asher. Sincerely, Erin.

  4. Zach and I will continue to pray for Asher and you both as well. Sometimes it's hard to give our worries over to God, but I pray that you will have a sense of peace about everything from giving your worries up. We love you all!