Friday, December 10, 2010

Good Week

 This week: Mr. Boy got his first cast on his clubbed foot in a weekly series of 6 casts. The poor little guy cant move his leg at all because it goes all the way to his hip, but that only seemed to bother him for a day. He should be done before he was even scheduled to leave my womb! Then he will wear special shoes for a few years.

He gained some weight, and with his heavy cast, he is back up to his birth weight of 4lbs. The surgeons said that once he is bigger and past his original due date of Feb 1st, they will hopefully be able to do the first surgery to start fixing a few of his abdominal organs. They will wait to operate on his spine till they see if and how it affects his walking. That's pretty much all we learned this week, other than the little details like: one of his hobbies when no one is looking is to tug at his IVs and pull out his NG tube (the tube they feed him with that goes from his nose to his tummy).  Also, Mr. Boy is a pretty chill kid until right before its time to feed him...maybe he's like his Daddy? :) You decide:                            
                                   David                                                 Mr. Boy

There is a bit of an age difference but you get the picture!


  1. We are praying for you here down in Oklahoma! I am thoroughly enjoying the updates and continue to lift each of you in my prayers!

  2. Wow! What a week you have had...sounds as if Asher is growing nicely. What wonderful pics. We continue to hold you all up in prayer!

  3. Yep, he looks like his daddy!! I'm so proud of you guys. Last night I was praying for you, and it hit me in a fresh way just how special you both are. God has placed an amazing little boy with two beautiful people! Love you guys.

  4. Wow, Asher looks a lot like Dave! That is so cute :)

  5. Are you sure those are the ONLY things you had to deal with this week. It sounds like enough information to last a lifetime--not just a week! By now you should becoming experts on Asher's medical conditions. It is so much for a parent to assimilate in such a short time but you seem to be handling it with amazing strength and faith.

    You are in my prayers daily~
    Mike Bonenberger

  6. oh my goodness! He does look like you so much! praying for you guys constantly. you're amazing!!Love, Dawn & Family