Saturday, December 18, 2010

Little Victories

This week was a good one for Mr. Boy.   He got to start bottle feeding which they "never" try until a baby is 34 weeks and he is only 33 weeks but they thought he looked hungry because he was sucking on his pacifier like he was trying to eat it... he must have his mother's appetite! And usually it is very hard for preemies to suck and breath and not choke or have all sorts of problems, but Mr. Boy drank like a pro. He is allowed to start out with a little milk and they give the rest of the milk through the tube in his nose and then the rest of his nutrition goes through the IV directly to his blood since his intestines isn't long enough to absorb all the nutrition from the milk. They still have to be able to monitor exactly how much he is drinking so we are not allowed to breast feed yet but hopefully soon! He is on his second cast on his clubbed foot and he got to wear his first clothes.

We are finally adjusting to life and routine in the NICU. We still have breakdown moments, but to look around, we have to confess that we truly are blessed. Its not too fun going back and forth to the hospital to see your baby, but we are soooo blessed to be living only a few houses down from the hospital. We couldn't get any closer so although we'd rather Mr. Boy be in the bedroom next to us, he is only a short walk away and getting the best care possible in one of the best NICU's in the country. We never really understood all the reasons God called us to South Dakota, but a few more obvious reasons have now come to light. The Lord positioned us directly beside the best Hospital for all of Mr. Boy's issues. They have every kind of unique specialist we need (which is not normal to have) and they even just got a Urologist a few months ago and we were told if he wasn't at Sanford Hospital, they would have to send Mr. Boy to another state for care. Also, we are surrounded by an amazing support system and insanely incredible church family. The Lord knew what he was doing when he sent us here to this remote state a year and a half ago. So thank you to everyone who has allowed the Lord to work through them to bless us! Every time we feel weak or want to wallow in self-pity, we are reminded of how the Lord is orchestrating everything for His glory and for our and Mr. Boy's best interest...even when we don't feel like it. He's been orchestrating it all from the very beginning. And thats comforting even in the most uncertain and scariest situations.
Wondering when he gets to eat.

Mouth wide open ready to eat! 

Drinking for the first time like he's done it for years. 

First time in clothes!


  1. Thanks for the new photos and update! Asher continues to amaze me and I'm sure that the doctors and nurses are just loving this "lovable" little guy!
    You are all in my prayers daily.
    Mike Bonenberger

  2. I just want you to know that I am praying for you. I am not sure if you remember me, I was the studio manager for Naomi Williams. I want to help you and your family in any way possible. Please call me. I am here for you.

    Cheryl Tveras

  3. Kassy,

    I just wanted to share with you that when my daughter was born, things did not go like I thought they would. Olivia spent 2 weeks in the NICU in Miami. It was a very difficult time. She is now a healthy 6 year old little girl, but we were not sure at the time what we were facing. I know how scary this must be for you both. Please know that I am thinking and praying for your family.


  4. Wow, Jessica sent me your blog...I have tears running down my cheeks. God has big plans for you two and for Asher. He is such a precious little bundle. My husband, Aaron, and I will add Asher to our prayer list...our God is an AWESOME God and we will be praying for His hand to be upon your family!

  5. Thank you for keeping us updated and the delightful pics. You have a very handsome little guy! I just read a blog entry sharing how one of the greatest gifts we give God is our gratitude. You are an inspiration to us all! Continued prayers for your family.

  6. i love the picture of him wearing clothes! hes such a cutie :-)

  7. That is such an amazing story on how God has had everything planned out from the beginning! It's very encouraging. Continuing to pray for you 3!

  8. Glad he's doing so well and yes he does look like his dad!