Saturday, December 11, 2010

Neat NICU Nurses

The nurses are pretty awesome. One of them made Mr. Boy this sweet scrapbook page of photos she took while we were away (they keep a camera around the NICU in case the babies are doing cute things when the parents aren't there to capture it) and taped it up in his room:

Another one decorated his room for Christmas:

After being through these first three weeks, we can honestly say we LOVE nurses.  They are amazing people and are taking such good care of Mr. Boy.   So thanks to all nurses everywhere!  Give a shout out to your neonatologists, perinatologists, urologists, anesthesiologists, certified nurse practitioners and of course your local nurse:) hehe......  

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  1. Your blogs are so encouraging! Thank you for being such a great example to Kyle and I. We love watching how you to continue to put your faith soley in Christ. We love you both and will keep praying! (Asher is getting so much hair!! CUTE! And yes, he does look like Dave.)