Thursday, November 8, 2012

Toy Story (3 weeks post-opp)

This blog is entitled "Toy Story" for two reasons: firstly, we have watched the movie about 20 times in the past 5 days and secondly, the story of our lives these days is finding just the right toy at just the right moment. This past weekend Mr Boy became himself again and the withdrawal symptoms have been less and less intense as the week has gone on. He has really, amazing playful moments where there is no pain or a care in the world and then really low moments of screaming and thrashing about, when typically only morphine seems to help.

There is no more fear that Mr Boy's organs could prolapse out, so it feels like we are finally, "out of the woods!" Some of the things that happened after surgery combined to create a pretty huge wound on his abdomen which still seems to be getting worse, no matter what we try. They may have to graft some skin over this area after a few months if it doesn't eventually heal up. There was not skin in this area originally, so even if it does heal, it will just be scar tissue. Mr Boy can impress the ladies someday with his battle scars. :) 

Doctors would let us go home with the wound as it is, so now the only thing keeping Mr Boy in the ICU are his lungs. His tummy finally "woke up" and started working, so we are close to being off the IV nutrition and on to fully feeding him through his g-tube. But as we've said before, with his newly constructed bladder adding pressure to his lungs, he's got extra work to do in order to keep his lungs open. Not to mention he was sedated and paralyzed 2 weeks, so his lungs are a lil weak. He is still using a Bi-PAP mask while he sleeps but is on to the nasal cannula during the day. As soon as he does not need extra help to breathe, we are going home!!! Maybe next week sometime? 
Monday will be Mr Boy's one month anniversary in the PICU. What a crazy month its been... thankfully we know Jesus because I don't know how else we would stay sane. 

watching toy story... what else?

Yesterday was Mr Boy's first time out of the room!!! 


  1. I loved to see that smile as he got to leave the room:) Also, you all will have to do a Disney trip one day. He would just love it!!