Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Home on the Horizon

Mr Boy should be discharged from the ICU tomorrow and we will go straight home! All day we've been getting things ready... last minute appointments made, medications ordered, supplies stocked, and instructions given on new equipment and care for Mr Boy at home. After one month and 4 days in the hospital, we are ready to go home! This past week has still been hard as Mr Boy continues to have mood swings associated with withdrawal from the pain meds, but each day is better. Mr Boy will be going home with his Bi-PAP breathing mask and machine for nightly wear, hopefully just for a few weeks till his lungs get stronger. He gets the metal rods (external fixator) which keep his pelvic bone in place, off in 2 weeks. As excited as we are to go home, we will miss all the amazing nurses we have spent so much time with along the way! :)

Mr Boy's monkey slippers as well as mommy's sock covered in stickers, serve well as bumpers for the ends of his metal external fixator.

Mr Boy was finally allowed to eat yesterday although he still won't swallow anything harder than apple sauce. He still had a ton of fun playing with his food and mostly feeding himself spoonfuls of ranch dressing!

 Enjoying the taste of mac & cheese before spitting it back out and trying to hand it to me. Swallowing solid foods is still scary for him after 2 years of vomiting many times a day.

He saw my camera and said, "cheese!"
Mr Boy loves to cuddle with daddy
and wouldn't let him move

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  1. so glad he will be home soon! I can't believe how big he is getting in these photos...growing up so fast. We will continue to be praying for little Asher and you two as well. Enjoy your last day in the hospital!