Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Update on stuff

We haven't mentioned Mr. Boy's vomiting lately because it seems to change every day. It was continuing strong before Thanksgiving and then he got sick and went to the hospital where they turned off his food pump and we didn't feed him anything for about 24 hours. After that for about 2 weeks he didn't vomit at all as we gradually worked him back up to the target caloric intake, making his formula more and more concentrated (which makes him vomit if we get it too concentrated). We want him to grow, so we have to increase the calories, but each day I would cringe as I made the formula a little thicker, thinking... could this be the amount that makes him vomit again? You see, the second we tilt the scales to far in one direction making Mr. Boy vomit, we can't just go back a little and fix it all. Once we go too far, it takes weeks for him to get better even if we go back a little. We went too far and he started up again, so we went back a little but it didn't help. We just switched formulas again but it made things worse, so now we're back to where we began. We need him to keep growing, so if he vomits but still grows, that is better than him not vomiting and not growing. I just wish we could have the best of both scenarios.

One week they say he grew so much and then the next few weeks they say he didn't grow enough and it can be maddening with all the highs and lows and all the "do this and do that, try this, or try that."Sometimes I just have to step back and realize Mr. Boy is a happy, healthy boy who can grow on his own schedule. I have to shut out all the other voices telling me he is not "up to par" with the rest of the world. I like him just the way he is.

We found out that it is ok for Mr. Boy to swim in a salt water pool so we took him to a fitness club that had a heated, indoor saltwater pool. He did not take to it like we had hoped he would, but we tried!

making a mess with green beans

Mr. Boy's lil backpack which carried his food pump. This is what he'll look like when he starts to move. 
He will take his first steps/crawls/rolls, I'll put the backpack on him and he will be too weighed down to move. lol.

Mr. Boy is getting much, much better about being scared around people, especially in our home. He let Marie Aseltine hold him the whole time he played... although she did bribe him with a farm! :)

High 5 with Marie and Scott
Its so huge for him to finally let other people hold him.

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