Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Denver, CO Trip

This past weekend we went to David's parent's house in Denver since we were not able to go for Thanksgiving. It was so fun to officially introduce Mr. Boy some of the family who have never met him. He just grows up every time we spend time away from home and this trip was no exception. He finally started looking like he wanted to move! He usually sits and lets me bring him all his toys, not feeling any need to try and go anywhere.  But this weekend he became so wiggly and discontent with just sitting and that is very exciting. He can stand supported if we get him into the position of standing, and he can kinda lean over while sitting and rock like he is just about to crawl or at least scoot. Crawling is going to be hard for him considering his pelvic bones are not connected, forcing his legs to aim out, but we are hoping he will scoot soon!

Pictures from Grandpa and Grandma Phillip's house

At the Airport

Riding the rocking cow his grandma bought him.

wearing part of his Noah's arc toy


And still wearing the "hat" ... he thought he was so funny, he loved wearing it. 

enjoying the view from high up above the living room

a man-to-man chat with grandpa

peek-a-boo above the couch with grandma became his favorite game

peek-a-boo with cousin! 

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