Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas in Florida

Christmas was a balmy 80 degrees this year! It was wonderful to hang out with my family especially since Mr. Boy let them all hold him and run away with him for endless amounts of time! We were so proud of him. Here are some highlights:
Granddad Don

Grandma Weize Anne

The fam (Us with Uncle Daric, Aunt Holly, Grandpa Don and Grandma Weize)

Second Cousins!

Great-Grandma Fran

LOTS of presents!

Mr. Boy was fascinated with the trees

We also spent several hours Christmas afternoon in the ER due to a clog in Mr. Boy's tube which we couldn't fix. They replaced his tube and we were back in time for some Christmas dinner! We just like to check out all the ER's around the US... just something we enjoy doing. :)


  1. Dave, is it hard to read upside down?

  2. hahahahah, to his credit, the book was actually inverted! The entire contents was upside down and backwards from the cover. I think this copy should be worth millions!

  3. I am glad you all had a grand trip! We were soooo happy to get to see you all. Much love, Sabrina!