Sunday, December 18, 2011


We don't have any family in South Dakota except David's Brother Nathan, his wife Megan, and their kiddos, Mr. M (3 years old) and Mr. Z (One year old... 2 weeks younger than Mr. Boy even though Mr. Boy was supposed to be 2 months younger than Mr. Z. Mr. Boy will be able to rub this in until they are about 40, when the tides will turn and Mr. Z will have the advantage). :) We get together with them every week for dinner and the boys love being in each other's presence. At first Mr. Boy just liked to watch his cousins from a distance, enthralled with their activities, but now he likes to hang with the boys on the floor and exchange drolly toys. 

Mr. M and Mr. Boy

Mr. Z & Mr. Boy

Mr. Z and Mr. Boy

The sacred drum

Mr. Boy standing with the help of the couch and with his pants up too high thanks to his mother. :)

We were trying to keep them still while we videoed them, by dancing and cheering. 
We shocked them into stillness.

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