Friday, August 19, 2011

Spine Surgery Update

First of all, thank you all for praying! Mr. Boy was in surgery for a little over three hours.  The surgeon said everything went well, but his spinal cord goes further down his back than a human's cord is supposed to go, so the incision had to be a lot longer than he expected. They are doing an ok job of controlling his pain, but he may have a few rough days ahead. We just need to make sure the wound doesn't get infected, and Mr. Boy should heal up just fine. He's got to lie flat for 3 days and then we can go home after that, once he can sit up without severe pain and as long as there is no spinal fluid leakage or infection. Our little man is so strong and we are so proud of him! The Lord has been holding us up through the love we have been feeling from all of you.


  1. Thank you for the update! Our prayers continue for you all! Thank you for sharing the pics of Asher with us--you are right--your little man is a strong one! (From what I can tell, so are his parents.) Prayers continue!

  2. Rejoicing that surgery went so well...thankful that your precious family feels the prayers and can be sustained by them as well. We will continue praying for the recovery and successful pain management. You are loved.


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