Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Recent Pics

You may notice in the last pic that Mr. Boy's tube has switched nostrils.
Explanation: This past weekend we drove Mr. Boy to Kansas City for David's sister's wedding. The trip took 9 hours (one way) due to detours and such, but Mr. Boy did just fine. It was great to finally show him off to many on that side of the family who had never met him, since they are from Colorado. Mr. Boy's first weekend away from home went marvelously including his first time in a restaurant...maybe we should take him out more?? :) We brought just about everything except the kitchen sink along for the journey... just in case! Well, our biggest fear on any trip is that Mr. Boy will pull out his tube. We combated this by having me sit in the back the whole trip with Mr. Boy,  ready to bat any curious hand away from his face, and bringing along swaddle blankets and arm restraints for bedtime. BUT what we did not count on was me pulling out his tube!!! Yes me. It got caught and I kept going, ripping the tape off and all. :( So while Mr. Boy and I cried, David called a nearby children's hospital, got us an appointment in an hour and it was back in, in no time. It turned out to be a blessing because his tube wasn't in the correct position anyhow, and needed to be fixed, plus the doctors were soooo accommodating!

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  1. Bummer about the unexpected doctor's visit...awesome about the trip! LOVE the pics! Prayers continue to be sent your way...