Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sleepless in South Dakota

Mr. Boy has always needed to be swaddled to go to sleep, but now he is strong enough to got out of the swaddle very quickly in his sleep and proceed to wiggle. (Observe video #1) Wiggling is all fine and dandy unless you have a tube taped to your face that really needs to stay there, and little hands that like to grab and pull things amidst the wiggling.  After many sleepless nights (on my end), of running back and forth between my bed and Mr. Boy's room to untangle him from his tube which was around his neck (and he doesn't even roll yet!) or kinked behind his back or wrapped around his arms and then having to wait endless hours to make positively sure he was fast alseep... because awake wiggling is much worse than sleeping wiggling, I made the decision to make a brilliant purchase. Elbow restraints! (Observe video #2) Now I can leave him at night with the comfort of knowing he can not pull out his tube!

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  1. Your post, "Weary" breaks my heart for all of you. I can relate though, as we moved this last winter and are caring the financial burden of not having sold our home. I, like you, have found this past few weeks that if I ignore the issue, rather than being attached, it does not exist. I know it is not the response the Lord desires, but it is easier on a weary heart. I don't understand your situation, but I understand the emotions you are facing as I find myself struggling with this battle too... a bit humbling. I love you Kassy and miss you dearly. Your friend, Kel