Monday, August 22, 2011


Mr. Boy is doing so well! About 30 minutes after we posted the blog on Friday, Mr. Boy started to play! He was still quite drugged, but all of the sudden we heard, "click, click, click, click," and we turned to find him holding onto one of the cords attached to him and running it back and forth along metal hospital-crib railings. It seems every time we turn away from him, he pulls off a monitor or sticks a sat probe in his mouth, hee hee. So thank you to everyone who answered our call to prayer! On Saturday, Mr. Boy was still quite sleepy, but comfortable as long as we weren't moving him and Sunday he played all day... and into the evening. He woke up this morning ready to begin again. Today was the day we could sit him up. It's been about 5 hours and we're still gradually increasing the incline at which he is laying. Every so often they will check to see if spinal fluid is leaking or if he seems fussy. So far his only fussiness is from being bothered 3 times during his afternoon nap. :) If all continues to go well, we will be going home tomorrow.
first moments after surgery
still drugged up and sleepy
pried the glowing sat probe off his toe and stuck it in his mouth
feeling much better


  1. Wonderful! Thinking of you all. Will look forward to seeing you home!

  2. Hooray! Way to go Asher!

    We continue to pray!

  3. What a resilient little boy you have! Such great news that there has been no leakage of spinal fluid, which indicates a very successful surgery without tears or punctures! God has provided your surgeons with amazing skills--He works in such miraculous ways, doesn't He?
    Mike B.

  4. Asher is so lucky to have such amazing parents!!!