Monday, February 14, 2011


Mr. Boy is coming home!
We have had a whirl-wind of a week.  One day we think it will take a month, the very next day we think it will take 2-3 weeks, and a few days later we hear he could come home in days. After I heard that Mr. Boy could be coming home in a few days, I trembled for over an hour. We couldn't be more excited, scared, happy, nervous, terrified, and scared. haha. Mr. Boy is almost 90% positively going to come home Wednesday, Feb 16th. We've spent the last few days watching mandatory discharge videos, getting car seat checks, running to Target for last minute items, and saying goodbye to all the nurses we have grown to love so much.

Mr. Boy is now allowed to eat as much as he wants, when he wants it. He is like a new boy completely. He eats hard and sleeps hard and seems very content. We just cant wait to bring him home and hold him with no cords attached.   

Thank you to all of Mr. Boy's nurses, for loving our son, for answering our endless questions, and for entertaining us day after day. You have encouraged us and made this section of our journey that much more bearable. :) We love you all!!!

The walk we have to take to the hospital (in the distance) from our driveway. This distance will no longer separate us from our son!

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  1. What wonderful news!!! You will be in my prayers as you finalize your preparations and make the transition from hospital to home with Asher. I certainly can understand the range of emotions you are feeling. As you get into a routine, it will get easier. Blessings on all three of you.

    Mike B.