Saturday, February 9, 2013

Monkeying Around

Winter here in South Dakota is looooooong. We really haven't played outside in 3 months and have a few more months of freezing temps ahead of us. Being indoors all day makes Mr Boy and mommy a lil loopy to say the least and Mr Boy has very few friends his own age to play with, so I found a nearby stay-at-home-mom community playgroup. It meets at an elementary school gym 3 days a week and there are about 25 toddlers who show up ready to play on all the bikes, slides, cars, kitchenette's, and play houses. It has been really helpful for me to work on Mr Boy's strength and flexibility, because what I have learned about physical therapy with toddlers, is that there is little structured stretching and therapy... there is lots and lots of play and everything works itself out! For instance, I try to get him to climb the stairs on a kiddie slide and try to sit by himself at the top. We aren't there yet, but its so nice to be able to try and not have to wait till the summer. And one of his therapists lent us a slide for our living room. Last week it was a giant therapy tube, this week its a slide! 

Mr Boy's good friend from church gave him this fun monkey hat
He lovessssss his hat!
Gangster pose
A monkey hat, ipad, and sippy cup... what more could a gangster need?


  1. Oh, goodness...did these pics make my night. Loved the video and Asher's giggle is such music to the ears. Praying for you all...and for your patience for spring! :)

  2. So much fun! Love the family play time! So, so, so good to see all of you laughing and having fun! Stay cozy now...Spring will come!