Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Visit from Brooke

My friend Brooke came to visit us this weekend all the way from Bartlesville, Oklahoma!  She is always such a delight and so encouraging to have in our home. On Saturday I explained to her how Mr. Boy won't eat baby food, despite months of daily attempts and how he doesn't like for anyone other than us to even touch him (like I talked about in our previous post). As I finished explaining all this, I began trying to feed Mr. Boy for the first time that day and that little stinker made me out to be a liar! :) He happily opened his mouth like a little bird awaiting a juicy worm and swallowed several spoonfuls of green beans! Perhaps it was because it was my birthday and he was cutting me some slack? Then he did it again today and afterwards he let Brooke hold him front ways where he could see her face, and smiled the whole time (first time with anyone ever!). We are ecstatic today and so encouraged. We have a ways to go, but today's victories were monumental.
Brooke and me at the Sioux Falls 
The boys watching some football

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