Wednesday, September 21, 2011

10 Months old

Mr. Boy is 10 months old today! It's unbelievable really. It is amazing to think about how far he's come in that time. Just two weeks ago Mr. Boy was able to sit up by himself for the first time. He has made no attempts to roll or crawl yet, but he has been enjoying sitting up immensely. He no longer has to sit in his car seat in the back of the cart while grocery shopping. This is also great for mommy since carrying him in the car seat is getting to be HEAVY.  I consider myself to have great arm strength, but even my beastly arms have their limits. :) Observe Mr. Boy's new freedom:
He's in shock that his mom let him sit in the kiddy seat
kick'n it at Goodwill
Mr. Boy is so silly these days, it is a joy to stay home with him everyday. He has 3 bottom teeth now and working on his 4th, no signs of any top teeth. Feeding has been a bit of a challenge... we've been trying to feed him baby food for 2 months now without any progress. He doesn't seem to be interested and either spits it out or gags it up. Our speech therapist is helping us out, but the GI specialist says that because of all his vomiting and medical history, he may just have issues eating probably till school-age, with taking longer to eat and gaging a lot and not eating much. But I have decided that this will not happen. This baby will eat properly, enjoy it, keep it down and get this tube out of his nose (they could surgically insert the tube in his side and we feed him with a tube there, but that brings a host of other issues I am not prepared to deal with, so let's just be done with tubes all-together shall we?)!!! That's just what I've decided anyway. :)

not wanting to eat his bananas
So currently we have a physical therapist visiting to help him become mobile, a speech therapist to help with eating, and on average one Doctor visit each week. We are truly enjoying these days as Mr. Boy grows and plays, creates new sounds and quirks.

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