Friday, October 14, 2011

Florida Vacation!

Mr. Boy and I spent 8 days in Jacksonville, Florida... my hometown, visiting my parents. Poor David had to stay home and work, and while we were gone Mr. Boy grew up! He is a little man now.
He can wave, he reaches for things that are out of reach, he is more tolerant when people come near to him, he can eat baby food in larger quantities, he can hold on super tight when you hold him... as I write these I can see how they could seem lame to the onlooker, but its seriously so crazy to behold all the tiny changes, and so many all at once. We should go on vacations more often! We had 26 visitors total during the trip, so needless to say, we were quite busy. Lots of family, friends, church members, and prayer warriors in the bunch, all wanting to see the little boy they'd been praying for for so long. I just couldn't express the depth of my gratitude. I was overwhelmed by how many people have been praying for Mr. Boy's complete healing and overwhelmed by how the Lord has used a silly little boy who's favorite thing to do is chew on my kitchen spatula, to touch so many.

Hi Grandaddy! 
He let his granddad hold him front ways! 

spoiled with new toys
church friends over for lunch
a duet

Man-to-man talk 

I apologize for the lack of pictures with grandma... she was behind the camera!

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