Saturday, September 17, 2011


Recently my mother visited (from Jacksonville, Florida) during Mr. Boy's spine surgery to help out during that time. Mr. Boy doesn't let people other than myself or David hold him at all... ever. Even our therapist attest that this isn't your typical baby phase... it's just Mr. Boy.  Everywhere we go outside of church, he gets shots, poked, examined, etc so you can imagine he is wary of just about anyone who approaches to touch him. At church he just scowls at everyone with a deeply concerned expression. So my mother was here a week and on her last day she finally attempted to hold him after building rapport with him from a distance:

David's parents visited (from Denver, Colorado) over Memorial weekend and also were able to hold our little man. Yay! No frontal holds, but a backwards hold will do for now!

Family photo! My parents took a trip last week to visit my sister and her husband in LA, and so we all skyped while they were there. My brother-in-law Daric, took the pic of my parents and sister behind their computer where they are skyping us, and you can even see Daric in the photo too in the little box in the bottom left corner of their computer screen.

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