Monday, July 11, 2011

Renewed Hope

At our latest GI visit we found that Mr. Boy is now 15 lbs and in the 25th percentile for his weight if we go by his due date (not birthdate). They are very pleased with his growth. However, one thing we have not spoken of much has been the fact that Mr. Boy still vomits about 5-8 times a day... for the past 3 months straight. I shouldn't say vomit, because no food comes up since there is no food in his tummy ever (since it goes through the tube straight to his intestines) but after fits of screaming, gaging, wretching, and heaving either nothing comes up or lots of mucus projects out. Its not very pleasant for anyone. :( Mr. Boy has been doing this for a long time and it seems like a weird thing for a parent not to insist upon fixing sooner when their child has been vomiting 8 times a day for 3 months, but it never seemed that bad until now. It just blended into the background of a host of difficult things that were going on with our son and quite honestly it seemed minor in comparison to other things. Mr. Boy screamed and cried all the waking moments of his life, so wether he was gaging or just screaming, it was all horrrible and the gaging just seemed to "fit in" with it all. So every time in the blog that we mentioned that Mr. Boy had a really good week, it was all relative because this was always still going on in the background. This past week he has been a wonderfully happy, silly, adorable little boy every waking moment except the moments during or building up to vomiting, which adds up to about half of every day.  So now we can see a sharp difference between our happy boy and this incessant sickness of some sort. We've mentioned it to the doctors every single visit for these 3 months, but they keep ignoring it hoping it will go away, as do we. But we are now seeing this as the major thing keeping Mr. Boy from full happiness and growth during these infant days. He will be late developing physically in most areas because of his body structure, but we don't want him held back anymore from developing by the fact that he spends half the day fussy. He can't get better at head control or work on sitting up if he keeps needing to cry and be snuggled due to pain. So now we are on a diligent quest to find the root cause of this. We have the pediatrician and GI specialist on the case and are going to try several different methods to make this go away. They've finally agreed to do something. We'll keep you posted if something works!

Hard at work

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  1. I like the pic of him "hard at work". I want to see pics of your new home please:)