Thursday, July 7, 2011

All moved in

Last weekend we had an army of family and friends help us paint and move into our first home! We couldn't be more blessed to be surrounded my so many loving people and in such a wonderful home. My parents came from their home in Florida and stayed all week helping us move in and get settled by watching Mr. Boy,  cleaning, hauling, painting and by hanging pictures on the walls like seasoned decorating pros. It was sad to see them leave this morning. In one week every box has been unpacked and every room painted and decorated.  It was a whirlwind miracle.
Mr. Boy has grown leaps and bounds. Every day he does something new and adorable and we realize just how far he's come. He has yet to be able to hold his head for long periods, sit up, roll onto his side or tummy or eat anything orally, but we know he will get there eventually... even though it will take much longer than most. When you have a premature baby, you don't measure milestones based on their birthdate, but on their proposed due date. When Mr Boy was born 2.5 months early, he behaved like he was still in the womb and still needed to develop as such. It wasn't till 2.5 months later that he could function like a newborn baby. So we went through almost six months worth of the usual "first tough 3 months" of a baby's life before you start being "rewarded" so to speak, with smiles and coos and playfulness. Watching him actually play is such a new thing for us and a huge source of joy.


  1. Love it! So happy to hear the joys you've celebrated this week - and love the updates :)

  2. I completely understand what you mean by the milestones. Benjamin's preemie birth and numerous health complications added more delays in addition to his Down syndrome. The longer you wait for something, the more of a celebration it is! He finally started army crawling last week at 26 months, and we are thrilled! Keep enjoying each little step and celebrate your sweet boy every day!