Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Test

Welp, we tried a few things now to see why Mr. Boy keeps vomiting. We've tried new formulas, increasing our reflux medicine Prevacid, tried Regalin which empties the stomach more quickly, gas medicine, allergy medicine, keeping Mr. Boy propped up, having him sleep on a wedge, x-rays and ultrasounds to check for blockages in the stomach or intestines, 24-hour swallow studies, live x-ray swallow studies, blood labs... and I'm probably leaving something out. After one of the x-rays back in April, they saw that Mr. Boy's intestines is twisted and decided that was obviously causing the vomiting and reflux and screaming, and he'd be taken into emergency surgery and I was thrilled. It sounds horrible but I almost cried tears of joy thinking that this problem would finally be solved and Mr. Boy would eat normally and even take my milk! But only moments later they realized most babies with an Omphalocele have twisted intestines and its no big deal and was not the reason for the vomiting. Then I actually cried tears of sadness. It's hard to not know how to fix the problem that is causing your family so much frustration, and your baby so much pain.

Monday we are going to try something else. Its another type of swallow study where they have Mr. Boy drink colored fluid and watch it flow through his system with an x-ray to determine if this is an esophagus problem or perhaps if it really is a blockage in the intestines, perhaps from scar tissue from surgery. If this doesn't discover the issue we will try switching formulas one more time and then we may be out of options. The doctors keep thinking Mr. Boy will just grow out of it, but I've talked to a few parents of kids with the same condition Mr. Boy has and several of them vomited for years. I don't want to accept that he will eventually grow out of it, if we are talking about years. There has to be a reason for all this and until we get a logical answer, we will keep asking the Doctors and searching google. :) Please pray that we will figure this out soon. I am afraid it will keep him from being able to eat solid foods well and then we'll have a host of new problems. Thank you for your prayers! Whatever happens, the Lord has been so good to us, providing financially every step of the way and obviously providing strength to move every step we take because we couldn't be doing any of this with out HIM.


  1. How frustrating for you all...we will keep praying. What delightful the smile!

  2. My heart breaks for you and your precious little Asher...I believe in miracles and I will continue to pray for complete healing...right now for solutions to this very upsetting reflux problem. BLESSINGS

  3. Jesus, bring the breakthrough that little Asher needs. Set everything in order in his body. Pour out Your peace on David and Kassy. Supply them with ALL they have need of, in Jesus name.