Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Plays well with others

Kassy's parents visiting Sioux Falls

Mr Boy has always been nervous around other kids, but lately he has been blossoming and been getting more and more comfortable. Last weekend we had a lovely dinner with our friends Scott and Marie Aseltine, and their 1 1/5 year old niece Camilla. They have been together on other occasions, but Mr Boy always gives her the stink eye and steers clear of her. This time was totally different. He played near her happily, like it was no big deal.  But this was a HUGE deal. We were so encouraged by their shenanigans. He let Camilla tickle him and shortly after the scene in this video, she was practically tackling him with tickles while he lay on the floor. It was fabulous craziness. Praise the Lord!

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