Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmastime pics and video

Christmas day shenanigans. 

The men setting up the train set

It has been fun going out and about with Mr Boy as he is much more outgoing and explorative.

Riding a firetruck at the mall

Coloring at Granite City Brewery
Destroying cheetos at Pita Pit

We went to the Washington Pavillion Science Museum

Playing virtual basket ball with daddy. See Mr Boy's head?

Water table excitement! 

We feel so blessed!


  1. So fun - and Asher is such a happy little boy. Thanks for sharing. Love you - and Happy New Year!
    Aunt Anne

  2. I cannot believe how BIG Asher is getting! He looks so happy! Looks like you had a fun Christmas! We miss you all and hope to see you soon! Valerie

  3. HA I burst out laughing when you touched the computer screen. His face! His reaction...and it sounded to me like he said "oh my". Which would be hilarious because you say that a lot:)