Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Boys' New "Tools"

I know everyone says that once a kiddo starts crawling, life gets crazy and mommy and daddy get worn out! But for me, life seemed much harder trying to keep Mr. Boy entertained while sitting in one spot. He would get bored wayyy too fast and I spent all my days just trying to keep Mr. Boy happy. Now that Mr. Boy is mobile, he entertains himself and I get so much more done! The only thing keeping Mr. Boy from total freedom is his food pump backpack that drags behind him and most of the time stops him in his tracks, so I have to follow him around, moving the pump as he moves. We tried putting it on him since it's in a backpack, but he didn't get very far before sitting up and falling backwards due to the weight. So, last weekend David built a trolly for the pump! It is working very well!

Mr. Boy's girlfriend Miss L, sent him an adorable stool! They have never met, but they were born with the same condition, so they get each other. :) She got a tiny bit of help from her fabulous mom, Leslie, who painted it. He loves sitting on this baby-sized chair!

David got to use his own new "tool" too! We found that one of Mr. Boy's absolute favorite things to do is to watch his daddy snow blow! He was glued to the window for the entire process.

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