Sunday, November 6, 2011

UFOs, AFOs and torture devices

Many times the devices that the doctors expect me to use to "help" Mr. Boy might as well be UFOs because I can't figure them out and can't wrap my mind around how they expect me to implement them. Maybe if I just called up some aliens, they would have a better idea...

They made molds of Mr. Boy's legs/feet to made him these AFOs (Ankle/Foot Orthotics).

They keep his feet from moving up or down and he is supposed to wear them when he is standing up to play. He is also supposed to wear them while in this:

It is a "stander" and it's supposed to get Mr. Boy used to standing and stretch his muscles in the right direction. They want Mr. Boy to play in it about 30 minutes a day.
Play??? I can't get him to stop screaming long enough to breath much less play.

Needless to say, he has not been strapped into this 30 minutes a day... more like 0-2 minutes and maybe one day a week. Oopsy.


  1. The first picture looked okay...the second picture looked like something from a Star Wars Movie...the last picture was heart breaking. You would think there would be an easier and more pleasant way for your little guy! Our prayers continue...

  2. Oh sweetie! My heart just breaks for him! Our 7 yr son just got AFO's last week. We adopted him 5 months ago from Serbia. He has CP. He does NOT like his at all either!! :( I will pray for tolerance and success for you all!!! And peace for Asher!