Sunday, November 13, 2011


The past few weeks Mr. Boy has gained a little weight despite having a cold for 2 weeks. His vomiting is pretty bad again, so we are thinking about making the tube an NJ again (the tube empties formula to his stomach right now, but we would make it empty into his intestines) so he can't throw up his formula. There is a surgical option, involving putting the tube in his side instead of taped to his face and making a wrap around his esophagus to prevent food from backing up, but the surgeon said My. boy's anatomy is too complicated at this time, and we agree. He just doesn't want to give Mr. Boy any extra surgeries if he can avoid it. The tube in his side would have to be too close to his other medical devices, opening him up to lots of infection possibilities and probably leading to the complete loss of my mind. :) As the Dr put it, "You would be very mad at me if I did this surgery."

So if Mr. Boy still has a tube taped to his face in one year, then they will do the aforementioned procedures when they do Mr. Boy's closure surgery (where they will put some of his organs back inside his body, close his abdominal wall and break both pelvic bones, to bring them together, among other things.) They decided Mr Boy will have this huge surgery next fall. They asked if I wanted it next spring or next fall, and I said there was no way I would let them take a summer from us... if Mr. Boy is going to be in recovery, it will be over the winter when we will be indoors anyway! You gotta think of everything. :) So if all goes well, and Mr. Boy continues to grow then we will have our next surgery in a little less than a year.

I am a planner and realllllly like to have my life planned out to the minute. I thought I wanted to have a date for Mr. Boy's "BIG" surgery because "around age 1 to 3" is just a little too vague, but I have to say that when I heard the Urologist say that we could have the surgery in a year, my heart dropped. I think I preferred the "BIG" surgery to elude my calendar like a strange, far-off, mythical event. I liked it better on the outer edges of my peripheral. But we knew we'd have to face it one day, so now at least we know how to pray more specifically!

Mr. Boy is reading the Bible his own way

watch out, he could be calling you!

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  1. I am sorry to hear that Asher continues to struggle with throwing up, how frustrating for you all. His pictures are both are doing an awesome job parenting! Keeping you close in prayers!