Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Solid Weight Gain

Mr. Boy is 8lbs 8ozs today! He was that same weight when we left the hospital 2 weeks ago, but at that time he was pumped full of IV fluids, and only days before his actual weight was 6lbs 14ozs so an almost 2lb gain in 2 weeks is awesome! Mr. Boy  does wonderfully in the hospital and he always does well for a little while at home, but it seems like the longer we are home the worse he gets. He started gaging, heaving and projectile vomiting at least once a day last week and Saturday he did it several times and drank considerably less than usual, so we suspected he would be getting dehydrated again. Sunday we finally took him to the ER again just in case, since last time they said we waited too long before bringing him in, but he was fine, so we were able to go home. He continues to have throw-up/gagging sessions each day however and so we are thinking he may have some allergies and will be going to the pediatrician tomorrow to follow up on that. We have fewer hospital appointments each week which is delightful for me and I can bet Mr. Boy appreciates it too.


  1. your hair has gotten so long! :-) kisses for asher from meee!

  2. Loved the pictures! Glad to hear he is gaining weight.

  3. Asher is so handsome, and you Kassy are so pretty! I'm glad to hear Asher is getting better and better with has less hospital appointments. Thank you for all the continued updates! Grandmas visit looked like fun! ;)