Tuesday, April 19, 2011

...So now we maybe, could be, possibly be on the right track

It seems that every time we post a positive update, things suddenly flip upside-down and vice versa. Last week was a week of trial-and-error. We were told to increase Mr. Boy's caloric intake (he was doing so well before, but he was only on half the calories a baby his size should be needing) and then suddenly we found ourselves battling his re-surging reflux symptoms which brought lots of screams and tears. Then we tried switching to a new formula that seems to work much better so far, but we are still dealing with lots of gagging and heaving.
We had a checkup with our pediatric surgeon today and everything is going ok, but he decided Mr. Boy needed a very quick and painful procedure. :( Mr. Boy is so brave but I almost fainted just watching. He also thought that it may be difficult for Mr. Boy to sit up because his abdominal muscles have not been put back where they are supposed to be (as they will in the next surgery) and he may not be able to walk until the next surgery (when he's 2 or 3) since his pelvic bones are not connected. We had asked several different doctors for their opinion in the past, as to whether Mr. Boy would be able to walk until the next big surgery, and they thought he would be wobbly, but could probably walk. However, this is the surgeon who has already operated on Mr. Boy and seen the state of his pelvic bones, so we take his word a little more seriously.  But we will certainly aim for walking since all things are possible when Jesus is watching over your baby! :)
Bath Time 

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