Thursday, March 24, 2011

Discharged from the Hospital

We came back home last night! Mr. Boy is already doing fantastically. They pumped him full of fluids in the hospital and he felt much better. Apparently when we finally brought Mr. Boy in, he was past the point of being able to get better without hospital intervention. Scary. He wasn't showing any signs of dehydration (according to Google :) ), but we finally decided something was seriously wrong and went to the ER. They weren't going to let us go home until there was clear evidence he was growing and thriving, but he is doing so well eating here, they decided they'd let him go home and re-weigh him in a week. He is apparently eating so much that they think there is no way he isn't growing. He gained a ton of weight over the past few days in the hospital because of all the IV fluids so we'll have to see what a week at home does. David and I actually think he looks obese, hee hee, since he was just skin and bones before and we had unfortunately got used to that look on him, so now he's a bit healthier looking to the normal eye. He has not thrown up since he has been here, and has actually enjoyed eating... no fussiness or screaming or drawn out feedings. They said the reflux medicine is finally kicking in since it takes a while, and they thickened his formula in an attempt to help him keep it down. I am still pumping because once he is doing well, we will try milk once more just in case his issue was only reflux and not a milk allergy too, but we'll see. Today we brought home a content little boy! We are praying he stays that way. :)
Sanford Children's Hospital