Monday, October 6, 2014

Re-Casting for the Club Foot

As you already know, Mr Boy was born with a club foot:

A few weeks after birth, his Orthopedic surgeon began casting his foot with a new cast every week for 6 weeks:

After the 6 weeks, the foot looked like this:

After the casting, he was supposed to wear this Ponseti Boots and Brace set for 3 months 24/7, to keep the foot in place.

But… Mr Boy had a separate surgery at the same time and since he looked so pitiful, we didn't make him wear the boots and brace for the full week of recovery. 

Unfortunately, our decision to forgo the brace for one week, caused his foot to bend back enough to make the Doctor re-cast his foot again. :( 

After this second set of casts, Mr Boy wore the boots and brace faithfully 3 months straight and then nightly for years while wearing a brace during the day.  He still wears his shoe orthodic today.

When we met our Orthodepic Doctor here in Denver in June, she told us the foot was still not fully corrected and that Mr Boy would need another series of casts (a new cast every 2 weeks for 6 weeks total). She offered to start casting that day, but I chose to let Mr Boy finish out his summer and start preschool before she began. Plus, it's always nice to prepare your child for something so big. We watched lots of youtube videos to prepare him. 

On his final day with both legs, we went to the circus!
Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey: Legends

Mr Boy loved it!! With all his sensory issues and fears, this was such an accomplishment! A few months ago this would not have been possible. 

One last bike ride to the park!
And finally today arrived:

Mr Boy was sooooo calm and excited for his cast becasue he picked out "bright green."

We are so incredibly proud of our brave boy! Mr Boy is blowing us away more and more every day with his newfound confidence and bravery. Praise the Lord for all His glorious mercies!!

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  1. Hi Kassy! I am glad that your little miracle boy is continuing to grow and thrive:) Sending much love always!