Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Successful Surgery

Leaving Mr Boy on the operating table yesterday morning was so hard, but the fact that he received some drugs to keep him calm in the waiting room, helped my nerves as well.  Just seeing him so calm and knowing he wouldn't remember it, gave us some peace. He was only a little scared when his mommy had to suit up in her sterile 'space suit,' hair net and mask in order to carry him into the operating room, but by the time we entered the O.R., he was quacking like a duck and happily pointing to the Surgeon and yelling, "Marco!" (Dr. Demarco).

After the first hour of surgery, we hear upsetting news: that the surgery couldn't go exactly the way we had been hoping it would.  But 3 hours of surgery later, the alternative outcome was looking possibly better than the first. We still got what we wanted, which was to eliminate the nightly procedure which caused Mr Boy fear and pain, and we think this was mostly accomplished. Mr Boy had a stitch coming out of his pelvic bone from the last surgery, which was meant to be permanent, but was inching it's way to the surface... which was causing his tissue to inflame and become irritated... which was partially blocking the main exit for his urine to drain out of his bladder... which was probably the cause of his intensely painful bladder spasms he was feeling every night this past week. Since his bones are healed, it was ok for them to remove the stitch and now we can allow the tissue to reduce in size.

In the hospital after surgery. 

The funny thing is that there was a large plus side to the fact that his bladder couldn't drain quickly, causing the painful spasms... it enabled his bladder to stretch out quite a bit and become more flexible. Normal bladders are very flexible so they can fill and void, but since Mr Boy's was inside out and not functioning for his first 2 years, it was very rigid, so when they tried to close it and create a vesicostomy in October, it was not able to be a "traditional" vesicostomy, and it has caused us headaches as it tries to close on us, ever since. Now that it the bladder is more flexible, they were able to make the vesicostomy more traditional and larger, so hopefully this one will not close up on Mr Boy or at least it will give us more time.

Smiling after a little nap, a new little car, and a little morphine.

It was so hard to see Mr Boy in pain this past week with the intense bladder spams. We felt helpless and in the dark. But it's incredible to see the Lord use Mr Boy's suffering for good, to make his bladder more functional. The Lord knew what was happening even when we didn't and had a plan all along.

Romans 8:28
28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called
according to his purpose. 
Riding home this morning and SO excited about it!


  1. This is such wonderful news Kassy! It's incredible to see the beautiful smiles on both yours and Asher's faces and it is such an encouragement to see the strength you all have as you walk through this difficult time (although I'm sure it doesn't always feel like strength!) We will keep praying with you as God continues to do his work and reveal his ways.

  2. He has the spirit of a champion. And such a sweet smile:) Remember, through all of this, the ups and downs, that you and Dave get some Mama and Daddy time together. Because you both are going through so much, right along with Asher.