Sunday, December 9, 2012

2 Years Old!

Mr Boy turned 2 on November 21st! We decided to have ice cream instead of cake since he actually swallows ice cream and would only lick cake. But after one bite of ice cream, he demanded crackers. Oh well, we tried! :)

We absolutely can not believe Mr Boy is already 2. I guess that's what everyone says about their own kids, but it's true. One moment he's learning to roll over and the next he's playing with Buzz Lightyear and Woody action figures. It's mind-boggling to say the least. We've been so blessed to have him in our lives and don't know how God decided to entrust us with this little boy to love and watch over, but we are so grateful. 

We went to Toys R Us to get some last minute gifts for Mr Boy before his birthday (just 5 weeks after surgery and before he was walking on his own) and the train set got him excited enough to stand on his own for the first time.

Playing with Aunt Holly

Playing with Mommy

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