Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Away with the Ponseti Boots & Brace

One of the things Mr Boy was born with, was a club foot. Observe: 

He went through a series of 6 casts right after birth and each one lasted one week, bending his foot into the right position. See Below:


It looked much better, but not perfect after the casts:

So then he had to wear the Ponseti Boots and brace for 3 months straight, 24/7 :

Since then and up until now, Mr Boy has worn the boots and brace every night of his life. 
We were pretty excited when the Orthopedic Surgeon said he didn't have to wear them anymore!! The foot looks great and now that he walks all the time, there is no fear that Mr Boy's foot will turn back in. Hooray! 

He went through 3 boot sizes (but I could only find 2 of them for the photo): 

I saved some of the clean casts too because I'm silly and they are so cute: 

Now they are just a memory... a keepsake in Mr Boy's ever-growing box of medical memorabilia.
I thought about putting them in a shadow box someday for Mr Boy to keep, but I can almost hear him now, "No thanks Mom, thats weird." :)

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  1. These milestones along the way are so exciting - thanks for sharing, Kassy.
    Love you,
    Aunt Anne