Thursday, May 3, 2012


Some of this post is more for me than for you! :) I needed to get this stuff "written down" before I forget it, so here it is:

(Not Adjusted for Prematurity, but he was 2.5 months early)
-Smiled at us: 6 months old
-Was able to sit up: 9 months old
-Swallowed baby food: 11 months old
-Able to cruise around furniture when propped up: 13 months old
-Danced/rocked to a beat-13 months old
-Rolled over: 14 months old
-Crawled: 14 months old
-Said sounds "mama and dada"-15 months old
-First official word used in context: "Hi"- 16 months old
-Able to walk with the assistance of a toy walker: 16 months old
-drink from a cup with assistance- 16 months old
-Able to crawl up stairs- 16 months old
-Able to chew and swallow semi-solid foods (and not just spit out)- 16 months
-Mr. Boy just switched from the backward-facing carseat to the forward-facing one! Most of you will see this as a non-issue, but to those of you who understand how fabulously life-chaning this event can be, "high-five!"
-# of ER visits/hospital stays since the NICU: 6
-# of surgeries: 3
sticking his tongue out because he knows he is being mischievous

Signs Language Mr. Boy knows... thank you Baby Signing Time videos!!!
-"All done"
-"Thank you"
-"stuffed animal"
-gives kisses
-waves hi and bye
-plays peek-a-boo

this is what we are going to be doing a lot more of this spring

reading with his grandmother whom we visited in Denver in March

hugging grandpa 

hanging with grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa took us to the Denver Zoo!

Mr. Boy and Mr. Gorilla

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