Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Shenanigans

Playing at the Kirby Science Discovery Center at the Washington Pavillion

Mr. Boy was not too impressed with the kids that splashed

Texting while driving. And I thought I had raised him well...

I know his feet are closer to the camera and thus appear larger, but seriously, they are really that huge! haha. Due to the space for the orthopedics and space for growth so we don't need new orthopedics too often, his shoes are quite bulky, but they do the trick.  

trying out his first stick.

yum yum?

not impressed with the bark


  1. My son was born at 29weeks on November 14 2010 with OEIS complex club feet short bowell syndrome he has 3 kidneys polymicrogyria reflux his right lung is collapse he has not had the surgery for his bladder and he wears boots with a bar in the middle he weights 16.5 and he doesnt seat or crawl yet. Its so nice to meet other family that can understand what we go thru with our kids. God bless you.

    1. Francheska, wow! I am so sorry I am just replying back to you! Sometimes I don't realize people have commented until way too late. Anyway, if you'd ever like to chat, my cell is 303-999-7600 and my email is Also, I found an amazing group of parents and some OEIS adults and teens on Facebook. Its a private group so we can discuss details about our kiddos and ask real questions (and the things we wouldn't publish on the internet) and it has changed my life being able to have so much more knowledge about this condition and just being able to laugh and cry with parents who understand! Let me now if you want me to add you to the group!
      I hope your son is doing well and you are holding up ok! I hope I wasn't too late in replying and you actually see this. :)
      Kassy Phillips